Patricia A. Farrington, CEOPatricia Farrington, CEO

Patricia Farrington was born in White plains, New York, but spent her childhood winters in Vermont.  Her father was employed as ski patrol so spending the days on the slopes was typical for her.  Throughout her early adult life, she has been owner/operator of several successful businesses in the food and beverage industry, each leading to a bigger opportunity for creativity. This also gave her the chance to learn about wine and develop a passion for it.

In 1993 when she decided to move out of the hustle and bustle of city life her first and only thought was to move to Vermont where she had so many fond memories.  The word “retire” really isn’t in her vocabulary so she wanted to start a business that would be something that she had a real passion for, but also would help increase tourism in Southern Vermont.  By doing so she was hoping that more families would come to the area and their children would have as many fond memories as she has. 

Patricia has been collecting and making wine for many years. She recalls times of making wine with her family growing up, “We would all have a part to play and be responsible for. It wasn’t the final product, which as a child I couldn’t have anyway, it was creating something, the process and enjoying everyone’s laughter and company that was fun.” This is how she developed a love for the process.  So when it was time to go into business in her “retirement”, a vineyard and winery seemed the only perfect fit and for the name of the business it was only fitting to choose a family name.  Patricia’s great-grandmother’s name was Honor, Latin translation … Honora.

The first focus was to build the estate on the 200 acre farm and then to focus on the vineyard.  When the house was near completion, fields were prepped, vines were planted and the winery was set up with all of the latest equipment. Then waiting for fruit to grow and become worthy of making wine.

She was proud to release Honora’s first wines at the Art on the Mountain 2006 event that was hosted at her property in Halifax.  In August 2009, The Avigliano Event Center on the property was opened. This is yet another vision of Patricia’s come to reality. The Event Center boasts 6,000 square feet designed in a Napa style to allow the beauty of the surrounding scenery to be viewed by everyone enjoying their event.
She enjoys helping the community in which she lives and participates with various charities in the area and will continue to do so in whatever capacity she is capable.