Brad York, Retail Manager/Program Director Event CoordinatorBrad York, Retail Manager/Program Director  Event Coordinator

Brad spent most of his childhood growing up in Southern California. With supportive parents, Brad was able to express his creative and artistic side at an early age. He started planning and creating “events” around 10 years old, when he organized an anniversary party including every detail from flowers and fabrics, to mood and even self-catering the food, no item was left to chance. Brad also spent much time traveling the world with his family and experiencing many different cultures which has helped to broaden his scope and thought.

He studied Architecture and Interior Design in college before embarking on a retail design career. This foundation has given him a great understanding of the design process as well as the ability to see the structure needed to carry his ideas out. Brad has worked for several retailers in capacities from retail management to creative design and store design. Most notably for him, was working with Expo Design Center to design store layout and function.
After that time, Brad and his family decided to “never say… I wish we had…” and purchased a Bed and Breakfast in Southern Vermont. Their time there was certainly enjoyable and Brad was able to develop some new skill sets with marketing and advertising. Along the way, they met the family of Honora Winery, first professionally, then personally. Brad held true to his ideals and found that he really admired the people involved with Honora. After a move to Pennsylvania to work with Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, running the 22,000 bottle award winning wine cellar, the families remained friends growing closer as schedules allowed.

When Honora Winery and Vineyard decided to embark on retail growth, Brad received a call asking if he’d move his family back to Vermont and assist with the growth of the company. He and his family didn’t hesitate, not only to work with Honora, but because they felt part of the “Family”. It has been a whirlwind of fun, ideas, activity, and learning for the past few years, but Brad says “he wouldn’t change it for the world”.

Now between the retail location and the Events Center growing into their own and the winery and vineyard producing top-notch products, Brad is looking forward to “creating bigger and better at Honora” with each day. “This is an intense, multi-faceted company where I get to use all I love, all I’ve learned and get to continue learning, while being in the most beautiful countryside with the people I am honored to call family.”